Our Cats

Our Stud Tribble.

ACA Registered Lilac point Siamese

DOB: 9/4/05

Tribble is our quiet gentlemen. He loves the ladies and is always very gentle with them.  He also helps them to raise their babies. His babies are known for being very loving and affectionate, like Tribble, as well as healthy. 

You can see more pictures of Tribble in our Photo Gallery

Our Queen Isis

ACA registered Chocolate point Siamese

DOB: 9/25/11

Isis is a beautiful girl with a gentle personality.. She produces the most beautiful kittens and is a wonderful mother, in fact, you couldn't ask for a better mother, she is tops and takes her responsibilities as a mom seriously.  Her most noticeable physical characteristic are her huge ears, and most of her kittens seem to inherit her large ears as well.  The better to hear you with?